• 9-1-1,  Fiction,  Series

    Chasing Stars

    Buck is a shifter who is literally genderfluid, both physically and in terms of identity, looking for a long-term relationship. When Buck and Eddie meet, they’re instantly drawn together and Eddie seems like Buck’s perfect match. Read the story here.

  • Fiction,  Shadowhunters

    Memento Sperare

    Art by Halestrom for Memento Sperare

    Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane met months before Clary Fray ever even heard of the Shadow World. When the Circle and Valentine Morgenstern suddenly appear back on the scene, Magnus and Alec’s relationship has major implications for the way events play out: a missed collision; captured rogue Shadowhunters; and a mother gets to tell her daughter the secrets she’s kept hidden for eighteen years. There are still challenges; Valentine is creating havoc between Shadowhunters and Downworlders, the Clave has its…

  • Fiction,  Shadowhunters

    If By Chance

    Magnus and Alec broke up after the lie about the Soul Sword was revealed, but they didn’t get back together. Harsh words and a missed opportunity have kept them apart for two years. Magnus learns something that he wasn’t expecting when he returns to New York. Not only has Alexander been alone for the last two years, it’s generally acknowledged that he’ll be alone indefinitely. Apparently, when they say “Nephilim only love once,” they mean it. Read the story here.